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Resilience is a Teachable Skill

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Everyone experiences adversity - whether in big, small or ongoing ways.


Kristina’s thought-provoking and insightful talks uncover how resilience is a key attribute that allows individuals to endure adversity and trauma. Kristina’s mission is to teach scientifically verified steps to build and develop resilience - giving people proven tools to develop the skills and mindset needed to cope with difficult situations and come out on the other side with greater confidence and strength to overcome barriers to adversity - paving the way to achieve success and the life one truly wants. 


Meet Kristina

As a licensed mental health professional and certified trauma therapist, Kristina teaches and inspires audiences while blending storytelling with an explanation of psychotherapy, science, art, and healing. She shares how it helped her recover from her own PTSD after a lifetime of medical interventions, and how she is now devoted to bringing and teaching healing and resilience to people worldwide.


With over 20 years of experience in public speaking, Kristina is skilled at engaging, motivating, and inspiring a crowd. Her audiences range from celebrities to high school students, business owners to doctors, international audiences to charitable donors—and for many years, she has been invited to speak as an ambassador for the Cystic Fibrosis community, sharing her own story and experiences with medical trauma and chronic illness.

Kristina’s particular skill for storytelling actually universalizes her unique experiences, allowing her audience to feel seen and understood, even when their story differs from hers.

Kristina’s personal experience with a lifelong progressive genetic disease and consequent trauma spurred her desire to teach how to become resilient and find success amidst life’s seemingly impossible to overcome obstacles.

Talk Topics

Kristina's Talk Topics

From Trauma to Triumph: The Power of Resilience in Overcoming Adversity

Adversity and trauma can be incredibly difficult to endure and can leave people feeling helpless and defeated. However, having resilience can make all the difference. Kristina utilizes story telling, scientifically proven data and professional expertise to teach audiences how they can become resilient.

Shattering the Stigma: How to Thrive After Trauma and Achieve Success

Trauma is a popular term used by many, but few have the clinical knowledge, education, expertise and experience to fully understand it. As a trauma specialty licensed mental health professional, Kristina teaches audiences what trauma is, why it develops, how it impacts those living with it, and key principles to healing from it.

The Art of Turning Pain Into Purpose: Kristina's Cystic Fibrosis Story

Kristina shares her experience of being born with a catastrophic terminal medical illness, cystic fibrosis, and what she learned from it. She shares with audiences the perspective of being terminally ill and what it's like to live longer than you were supposed to.



“Kristina is a very knowledgeable, articulate and engaging speaker. The experience she brings to the table coupled with the empathy she conveys assures you that she could be of immense help in a variety of counseling situations. She leaves you wanting to hear more, and has a gift for giving practical insight and understanding to her listeners on whatever topic she is addressing.”

Alison L.

“Kristina is a great public speaker! Her speaking skills specifically were great; she was understandable, to the point – yet not rushed -, and easily projected to a room of 70+ people. She was extremely punctual, easy to reach, and beyond professional in her manner and contact. I highly recommend Kristina and look forward to working with her in the future.”

Larry W.

“Kristina has a captivating speaking style. Her story telling style mixed with professional expertise is remarkable. I highly recommend her to others looking for someone who displays and teaches resilience and healing.”

Richard A.

“Kristina really helped me understand some of the things I’ve been dealing with in my life. I had the opportunity to speak with her privately after she spoke and she connected with me and was able to help me feel more at ease.”

Sarah P.

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